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A snow quality that convinces! This is the result of the SnowBOX POWDERstream with an innovatives and patended process. For the snow production of perfect powder snow just a temperature of approx. -3°C and a minimum height of fall of 2.5m are necessary. The powder snow production can even be started at 0°C when employing fans and additional cooling devices or when combining the POWDERstream with the SnowBOX snow production system.

Technical data SnowBOX POWDERstream 4 pieces standard snow nozzle:

  • water throughput: approx. 3.500 l/24h
  • air consumption: ca. 280l/min
  • mains: 16A CEE, 400V, 50Hz
  • length of jet without SnowBOX: approx. 3-4 m
  • length of jet with SnowBOX: approx. 5-7 m
  • snow volume: approx. 7m3/24 hours

 PDF SnowBOX POWDERstream 4 pieces standard snow block (currently only German)


Technical data SnowBOX POWDERstream WellnessBOX Basic:

  • water throughput: approx. 200-400 l/24h (depends on the snow quality)
  • mains: 32A CEE, 400V, 50Hz
  • length of jet: approx. 3-4m
  • snow volume: approx. 0,4-1,0 m3/24h
  • room temperature: 0°C up to –6,5°C

 SnowBOX POWDERstream WellnessBOX Basic

Due to our own research and development, we can also provide planning and realisation of individual designed constructions. Please contact us for an offer with obligation.