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SnowFALL - real natural snow up to +40°C

State-of-the-art SnowFALL snow production technologies enable the production of natural snow at ambient temperatures of 0-40°C - regardless of the season, the climate or the geographical location. Snow produced by the SnowFALL is barely distinguishable from real snow. Although the snow itself is generated only from water and electricity, SnowFALL's snowmaking technology does not require a separate cooling system. This latest snow production method can be used for example for:

  • snow showers
  • snow fountains
  • snow rooms, snow cabins and snow caves
  • snow playgrounds

SnowFALL technology is perfect for using in:     

  • SPA and wellness areas     
  • health centers     
  • industrial applications such as e.g. environmental test chambers
  • Theme parks such as Zoos or fun and entertainment parks

The SnowFALL systems can be designed as monoblock or split system. In a split design, the system can be easily installed in false ceilings or walls. The refrigeration technology can be installed in a nearby technical area. The system is available as a water or air cooled version. The watercooled version allows the integration of a heat recovery system.

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