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Whether as a mobile system or as an individually planned fixed installation – the SnowBOX is fit for the most diverse fields of application, such as events, decorations and displays, TV productions or for the installation in amusement parks, ski resorts, winter sports arenas and ski domes.

SnowBOX-usage in ski domes

The SnowBOX produces compact snow whose durability and excellent grooming characteristics are convincing. The high snow quality makes the system the perfect solution for the snow production snow in ski domes. In combination with the innovative snow nozzle SnowBOX POWDERstream it is also possible to produce real powder snow.

Pros of the SnowBOX in ski domes:

*          individual planning of the snow and cooling plants
*          reliable and proven snowmaking-system
*          great snow quality
*          powder snow production in combination with the
            SnowBOX POWDERstream
*          only little cooling of dome necessary
*          ecological energy utilization concept
*          mobile units and fixed installations

SnowBOX-usage in winter sports arenas

Since the demand is increasing, a special offer has been developed for ski resorts: The SnowBOX Factory. On the basis of the proven SnowBOX technology 200 – 2,000m³ of snow per day can be produced right on site. In this way slopes can be covered with snow all through the year and the ski season can be guaranteed. In addition, the SnowBOX Factory is able to cover glaciers with snow in order to actively counteract their melting and decline. Creating a snow depot and using the “Snow on Demand” offer enables winter sports arenas to safely begin the season. With “Snow on Demand” winter sports arenas can have their snow depots filled without investing in their own factory. The snow produced with the SnowBOX in advance can then be used when needed.

Pros of the SnowBOX in winter sports arenas:
*       snow guaranteed all through the year
*       individual capacities
*       partial load operation possible
*       centralized and decentralized positioning in ski resorts
*       economical energy concepts that enable a COP (coefficient of performance)
         of up to 4.0
*       filling of snow depots with “Snow on Demand”

Fields of application “winter sports arenas”:
*       valley areas with little snow 
*       skiing schools’ “Kindergarden areas”
*       training slopes
*       heavily used slow down areas
*       snow playgrounds open all the year round
*       permanent snowtubing or tobogganing tracks
*       ski jumping hills
*       courses
*       glaciers

SnowBOX-uage at events

The mobile version of the SnowBOX is the best choice for all kinds of events. Whether for the covering of skiing, snowboard and toboggan ramps, cross-country tracks, snow mobile tracks, snow bars, après-ski-parties with snow, for the building of snowmen or for decoration purposes – the SnowBOX is THE snow guarantee for YOUR event.

Pros of the SnowBOX at events:
*       flexible ways of application and high reliability
*       snow production all through the year
*       production costs are usually lower than the premium of a cancellation insurance

Fields of application “events”:
*       covering of skiing, snowboard and toboggan ramps with snow
*       temporary cross-country tracks / biathlon tracks
*       motor / dog sledge tracks
*       snow bars
*       Après-Ski-Parties
*       snowman buiding
*       decoration purposes
*       snow soccer
*       water sliding
*       snow playgrounds
*       etc.

SnowBOX-uasge in special fields of application

The SnowBOX proves its flexibility and efficiency in special fields of application, too. Whether for shootings, for the icing of frozen surfaces of ice, for the covering of a wintry menagerie in a zoo with snow, as a cooling-off area in a wellness and sauna facilities or as an attraction in amusement parks – special fields of application or creative ideas are no problem for the SnowBOX snowmaking-system. The SnowBOX is even perfectlysuited for the use in industrial plants. An ecological energy utilization concept with fixed installations, for instance, enables the heating of adjecent buildings or the preparation of hot water.

Pros of the SnowBOX special applications:
*       individual planning and customized adjustment through own research and development
*       ecological energy utilization concept
*       proven technology

ields of application “special applications”:
*       amusment parks and zoos
*       wellness and sauna facilities
*       snow and ice sculptures
*       icing of surfaces of ice
*       shootings
*       snow decorations
*       industrial plants