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SnowBOX POWDERstream - snow nozzle technology of the latest generation for perfect powder snow

The patented, innovative snow nozzle SnowBOX POWDERstream sets new standards for the technical production of powder snow. By means of its optimally adjustable mixing function this nozzle generates a perfect spraying. The SnowBOX POWDERstream is perfect for the application in ski domes, wellness and sauna facilities and industrial plants. Especially for snow rooms there is the version "POWDERstream WellnessBOX" that is constructed completely with refrigeration and snowing technolgy in one machine.

Pros of the SnowBOX POWDERstream:

  • snow production from -3°C already at a minimum height of fall of 2.5m
  • newly patented snow nozzle with air-/water mixing inside the nozzle body
  • combined with the SnowBOX snow production system or when employing fans and additional cooling devices snow production at 0°C already
  • little mist formation – therefore just minimal residue of snow on structure and facility components
  • compact nozzle design
  • serviceable as single nozzle or block of nozzles
  • adjustable control of nozzles and spray result
  • no exchange of nozzle inserts necessary
  • no chemical or biological additives
  • quality of snow continuously adjustable by compressor unit (moist – dry)
  • variable adjustable to current weather resp. usage conditions
  • easy to install resp. pre-installation at factory
  • German quality product
  • individual fitting upon request

 Video SnowBOX POWDERstream WellnessBOX