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89.0 RTL Naked Sledding, Magdeburg-Cochstedt, 2014

snow production for naked sledding contest

CentrO. Winterwelt, Oberhausen, 2000-2013

snow production on ramp and snowmobile course

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Autostadt, Wolfsburg, 2012+2013

snow garden for kids

Differdange, Luxembourg, 2007-2013

snow production for cross-country skiing and tobbogganing track

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ELAN´s White Circus on the Sea, Portoroz (SL), 2013

snow production for snow ramp as part of the campaign FIS „SnowKidz“

  White Circus on Snow, 2013, Portoroz Video

Nova Eventis Winterwelt, Leuna, 2012+2013

snow ramps and several snow attractions

Capri-Sonne freezies summer games, 2013, several cities in Germany

snow production for Kick-off-Event and finals; snow block deliveries for preliminaries

Urban Snowboard Fest, Covilha, 2012+2013

snow production for für FIS Snowboard Contest and special material



SkiStar Swedish Open, Bastad (SE), 2010+2011

snow production for snow ramp during SkiStar Swedish Open

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Siemens Snow City, München, 2011

snow production for snow ramp and special winter material

Gerry Weber´s Hüttenzauber, Duesseldorf, 2011

snow for decoration

Neunkircher Winterwelt, Neunkirchen, 2011

snow production for several snow attractions like snowtubing slop, snow soccer court

Snow Park, Madrid, 2010

snow production for snow park

Differdange, Luxembourg, 2007-2010

snow production for cross-country skiing and tobbogganing track

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SkiStar Swedish Open, Bastad (SE), 2010

snow production for snow ramp during the SkiStar Swedish Open

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Erfurt Winterwelt, Erfurt, 2010

snow ramp and snow production

Snow Fest, Portsmouth (GB), 2009

snow production for tobogganing ramp

Snow Soccer, Fischenbach, 2009

Snow Soccer Court incl. snowing

Nissan Sports Adventure, Geneva, 2008

snow and starting ramp, light engineering, ramp covering and blinds

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Quicksilver DAS RAIL, Munich, 2008

snow production and preparation

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d.i.e. Film, Burghausen

snow production for shots

Bogner´s Olympic Dream, Munich, 2007

snow production, logistic and preparation

PistenBully Biathlon, Laupheim, 2007+2008

snow production for biathlon course

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ProStyle 2007, Oberstdorf, 2007

snow production

Quicksilver Railbattle, Munich, 2007

snow production

Weltcup-Skispringen Titisee-Neustadt, 2007

snow production

Tour de Ski, München, 2006

snow production

Tiroler Gletschertour; Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, 2006

snow production for decoration and effect snowing indoor

ÖKK snow festival, Basel, 2006

snow production

NOKIA "Leave No Trace", Ljubliana, 2006

snow production

NOKIA Air&Style Games, Olympiaparc Munich, 2005

snow production with the SnowBOX and ZEK-147

snow ramp at the HUMA-mall, Neuss, 2005

ramp construction and snow production; snowman competition and snow for a raffle

Nachtschicht Heidelberg, 2005

snow production for decoration

Consumenta, trade fair Nuremberg, 2005


Generali Open, Kitzbühel, Austria, 2005

snow for decoration

ÖKK Snow and the City, Basel, Swiss, 2005

ramp construction and snow production

Antenne Bayern Party Piste, Germany, 2005

snow production

Red Bull Crashed Ice, Prague, Czechia, 2005

snow production for building an ice channel

Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 2004/05

delivery of material, technical project planning and consulting, snow production

Coca-Cola Christmas tour, Cologne, 2004

snow production

Snowman gigant, Kehl, 2004

snow production for 6m snowman

Winteropening Österreich Werbung, Vienna, Austria 2004

snow production on ramp and for the cross-country ski run

ISPO Winter, GORE Snowball Contest, Munich, 2004

snow production, snow logistics and retention basin for indoor usage

X-Treme Village, Ostia, Italy, 2004

snow production for big air ramp

Snowtropolis, Hörlitz (Senftenberg)

permanent installation for indoor skiing

ISPO Winter, Odlo Fast Forward, Munich, 2003

ski touring slope

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Nokia Totally Board, Big Air Ramp, Marseille, France, 2002

snow production, snow logistics and safety engineering

Pierre Huyghe, House of Art, Bregenz, 2002

3 month indoor-snow as art project

Eurosport, Telemesse, Düsseldorf, 2001

indoor snow landscape


Ski Flying World Championships, Harrachov (CZ), 2014

snow production for FIS Ski Flying World Championships

Ice Sculpting Festival, Zwolle, 2012/13+2013/14

snow for creating ice sculptures and decoration

Winter magic on Christmas market, Wels, 2010-2013

snow production for snow ramp

Modena Skipass, Modena, 2005-2013

snow production on ramp for various snow sport competitions

Red Bull Crashed Ice, Valkenburg (NL) Are (SE) and Lausanne (CH), 2012+2013

supporting the production of the ice rink

Arp Museum, Remagen, 2012/13

Indoor glaciers, tobogganing fun and snow bar

Im Wendekreis der Eidechse, Mülheim/Ruhr, 2012

snow production for Helge Schneider´s movie "Im Wendekreis der Eidechse"

AUDI White Lounge, Leipzig, 2012

snow ramp and snow bar

Christmas Market, St. Quentin (FR), 2010-2012

snow production for snow fun with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, Munich, Valkenburg, Moscow, 2011

snow production for ice rink creation

White Wedding, Residenz Uhlenhorst, Muelheim, 2010

snow production, ice blocks with frozen objects, ice sclupture, ice champagne glasses

Tag des Sportes, Vienna, 2006-2010


AIDA christening celebration; Hamburg; 2010

snow production for winter landscape on pool deck

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Nanga Parbat shooting, Munich, 2009

snow production with the SnowBOX and SnowBOX POWDERstream for film set 

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London Skishow, London, 2009

snow production for snow fun field

First official Grav-Insel snowball fight championship, 2009

snow production and field

Red Bull Crashed Ice, Prague+Lausanne, 2009

supporting the production of the ice rink

Winterparty P1, Munich, 2008

snow bar and snow for decoration

Charléty-sur-neige, Paris, 2007/08

snow production

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Bet of white Christmas, Borken (Hessen), 2007

snow production

NOKIA Air&Style, Munich, 2005-2007

snow production

3. PowWow Railbattle, Augsburg 2007

snow production for railbattle

Interalpin, Innsbruck, 2007

snow production for exhibition booth

Wiener Eistraum, Vienna, 2007

snow production for ice production

Weltcup biathlon, Oberhof, 2006

snow production

Winter zoo, Hannover, 2006

snow production

Pow Wow Railbattle and Snow in the City, Augsburg, 2006

snow production

Watersliding Contest at the Alpamare Zürichsee, Pfäffikon, 2006+2008

snow ramp and safety engineering for the watersliding contest

NOKIA "Leave No Trace", Basel, 2006

snow production

ISPO tow in, Munich, 2006

snow production

International German cross-country games, Olympiaparc Munich, 2005

snow production

NOKIA Leave no trace, Breslau, 2005

snow production and snow delivery

Railbattle, Augsburg, 2005

snow production

Winteropening, Hamburg, 2005

snow production on ramp and kids-skicaroussel

snow ramp in Breslau, 2005

snow production

Camelbak Railsession, ISPO, Munich, 2004+2005

ramp construction and snow production

EVH "A heart for Halle", Halle, 2005

ramp construction and snow production

Winter dream, Phantasialand, Brühl, 2003-2005

snow production, snowtubing slope, course for motorized sleges and decoration

CentrO. Winterwelt, Oberhausen, 2000-2006

snow production on ramp and snowmobile course


Allou Park, Athens, Greece, 2004/05

snow production on ramp

Ice scluptures festival, CentrO. Oberhausen, 2004/05

snow production

Consumenta, Messe Nürnberg, 2004

indoor snow production for 100qm and retention basin

ARD "Weiße Weihnachten", Neuss, 2004

snow production and snowbar

Antenne Bayern Party Piste, Windsbach, Naila, Erbendorf, 2004

snow production for slopes in the towns

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Coca-Cola Christmas Tour, Germany, 2003

snow production

Nokia Totally Board, Big Air Ramp, Sevilla, Spain, 2003

snow production, snow logistics and safety engineering

ORF, TV-production “Klingendes Österreich”, Hallein, 2002

outdoor snow landscape