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The innovative SnowBOX as well as its continuous further development make the SnowBOX GmbH and its sales partner snow+promotion the leading companies in the field of artificial snow production.

While conventional snow systems depend on outdoor temperature and air humidity, the SnowBOX produces snow, without using any chemical or biological addivtives, within a temperature range of -4°C to +35°. The SnowBOX is worldwide the first mobile snow machine in serial production which is independent from the outside temperatures and which just needs current and water.

SnowBOX snow shows a significantly better cooling potential as well as it shines through its brilliant white color and firn like consistency. Thanks to the flexible output system the snow can be distributed easily and purposefully.

Whether as a mobile system or as an individually planned fixed installation – the SnowBOX is fit for the most diverse fields of application, such as events, decorations and displays, TV productions or for the installation in amusement parks, ski resorts, winter sports arenas and ski domes.

The capacity of this snowmaking-system ranges from 20m³ up to 100m³ snow per day depending on the type of machine. As a special fixed installation for winter sports arenas the SnowBOX Factory reaches a daily output between 200-2.000m³.

The 2009 released "SnowBOX next Generation" captivates not just with its new design, but also with further improved snow quality and even more ease of use. Another novelty is the more low-priced SnowBOX Basic, which produces snow within a temperature range of 2°C to +25°. New in the SnowBOX family is also a truck version, which has a fixed installed SnowBOX on a truck semitrailer. High flexibility, easy handling and high energy efficiency are the outstanding characteristics of the SnowBOX snow machines.

Would you like to know how the production of snow with the SnowBOX works? Just have a look at the accompanying PDF document "snow production with the SnowBOX"!

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