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The SnowBOX system is based on the principle of fragmented ice production. The SnowBOX generates the finest snow crystals that match real snow in quality. While flowing over cold rollers, the water freezes and is afterwards pulverized into fine particels. The snow is then distributed through a flexible hose that enables a purposeful distribution to any place. Unlike other systems, 100% of the used water is transformed into snow granules. Precooling of the water is unnecessary. We would like to point out once again: This machine doesn´t require the use of any chemical or biological additives for its snow production.


SnowBOX snow shines through its brilliant white color and firn like consistency, which guarantees excellent sliding characteristics and connectivity to the ground and to real snow. In comparison with real snow or conventional technically produced snow, the SnowBOX snow shows a significantly better cooling potential, which results in a much slower melting rate.

Please refer to the respective attachments for exact technical details of each system:

Technical details