Nebulization for large area applications

The H-5 and MINI handheld atomizer is one of the best and most effective foggers available on the market. This device can effectively distribute liquids with a wind speed of 10-15 km/h.
The droplet size can vary from 9-49 microns
(H-5) and 15-30 Micron (MINI).

The applications are diverse, as both disinfection and pest control (depending on the choice of liquid) are carried out effectively and quickly. Due to its low weight and compact design, this device is particularly good for
Suitable for private and commercial use.

Areas of application:

  • Halls
  • Office
  • Practice
  • Train bus
  • Airplane
  • schools
  • kindergartens
  • hotel
  • gastronomy
  • Sales rooms

Zerstäubungsmaschine H-5

technical data:


Motor:                 1400w, 220V AC, 50hz
                             Tank capacity: 5 liters
                             (larger tanks on request)

Droplet size:       0-49 microns

Flow rate:            0-49l/h

Empty weight:    approx. 5.3 kg

Dimensions:        approx. 50x17x50cm

Atomization machine MINI

Technical data:

Motor:                 1400w, 220V AC, 50Hz

Tank capacity:    3 liters

Droplet size:       15-30 microns

Flow rate:            0-5.4l/h

Empty weight: approx. 4.2 kg

Dimensions: approx. 24x50x36 cm