Optides surface disinfection with long-term effect


Optides (optimal disinfection) uses Zoono® for long-term surface disinfection.
Our disinfectant develops its antimicrobial effect on surfaces for up to 30 days and effectively eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, yeast and fungi. The liquid is applied to the surfaces by nebulization.

When the agent dries completely after a short time, an antimicrobial layer is created that kills the pathogens. The treated surfaces can be cleaned normally without affecting the effectiveness. Zoono® is harmless to humans and animals.

Example for 100 m2 room: Requires approx. 1 liter so 0.44 cents net per m2


5 liter canister € 219.50 plus VAT


Examples of measurement results after using ZOONO®:


•Hospital treatment rooms
   - ATP measurement: 0-30
•Medical facilities/doctor's offices/schools
   – ATP measurement: 31-100
•Restaurants/Kitchens/Food Processing and
   Manufacturing – ATP measurement: 0-30
•Hotels, rooms and also public areas
   – ATP measurement: 31-100
•Shopping malls/cinema/airports
   – ATP measurement: 31-100


ATP TEST/RLU – assessment of the measurements